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Online Survey Jobs


          Would you like to fill out simple web forms at home
instead of going to work? Well, the great news is that it
really can be that easy. Get ready to experience the
fastest way to make money from your home.
         Yes, you really can get paid to work from the comfort of
your home, filling out simple forms - maybe while sitting in
your home. That's because thousands of companies have
found that they can save on their data entry costs by
outsourcing this work to people like you. Right now, there
are lots of opportunities for people like you to build a
successful home-based career to supplement your current
income and create a better lifestyle.
          You can join the thousands of workers who are already
making good money this way.Some of the resources I
give here like websites and forums were valid when Compiling
this package but as time goes on there is a probability that some of them
Might no longer be functional and I won’t be held
responsible for it/them.

       You CANNOT make up to $250 in the next 30 days by just
reading this manual, but You CAN make more than $250
in the next 30 days by reading and applying the
techniques that are in this report.
               Did you see the difference?

The responsibility is on you. If you do not apply them,nothing will work.
I have found out that the reason a lot of INDIANS don't
make money online is simply due to one word-


Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential
power. It only becomes power when it is applied or used.
No new knowledge is useful to you until it has a positive
effect in you. You don't need to know 1001 ways to make
money online before you can make money online, you
only need 1 or 2 ways and then focus your energy on it
until you start seeing the results...I mean in cash!

Build A Business And Not A Money Maker.
The major difference between the guy that earns $100 a
month and the one that earns $10,000 month in the same
business is mostly due to the above headline. One sees it
as a money maker and the other sees it as a business. I
mean real business. Think of online survey as a business
and not just a money maker. I mean for example as a
business you should be ready to go the extra mile. You
should be ready to put some hours every week, you
should be ready to invest some cash if necessary. See
what you are about to learn as a business and not just as
a money maker.
                    What will determine if you will be able to make
 $25, $75,$85, $250 or even $1,000 will not be based on what you
will learn from this report alone. They will be based on the
application of what you will learn from this report.

        Before i start sounding like a motivational speaker, 
let me stop here and begin sharing the strategies of making
between $12 - $35 per hour or making your first $250 in
30 days just from working with top online survey

Let's Begin.
# Fill the Registration Form Completely:

   Nobody is a fool, especially a large corporation. When
registering ensure you complete your full and original
information correctly. This is the secret that many
INDIANS don't know about online survey for example if
while registering in a survey company, you are asked what
field you are into, and you choose an Internet user. The
truth is when a survey job that is related to a health
product is available it will not be sent to you.
    Unfortunately, you cannot escape this but ensure you put
in your full and correct information. Use a different email
address from the one that you are currently using so that
when the jobs start coming you won’t be confused.
Getting Started Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3..

Confirm your account, so we can send you paid emails and
 other earning opportunities. Plus, we'll give you a $1.00 bonus just for confirming your registration.Watch our video tutorial and learn the fastest way to get started with our program.
Start earning by completing offers, taking surveys, referring others, and more.
If you need help at anytime, head over to the Forums, where you can meet and learn from other CashCrate members. 

In this method, i want to introduce you to a survey
website called CASHCRATE and this is a fantastic website
because of many reasons join this website now, are paid $1 instantly ..
and not just that you will get like 50 jobs waiting for you! 
the awesome thing again about this website 
called: is that they
will pay you 20% of what your referrals make, which
means anytime you invite someone to the website and the
person takes a survey, whatever amount he is paid, you
will get a percentage of 20%. Moreover, when the person
gets to $10 [which can be done the same day of
registration] you will be paid a whooping $3 instantly. So
get 20 of your friends and if they make $10 each you will
get an extra $3 plus 20% income in whatever they are
So get started today at: and sign up.
Read all their instruction and get to work. The way to
ensure you make $250 in 30 days from now is to go
ahead and start referring people to join the website
through you referral link that will be given to you
immediately you register. If you have a debit card, i can
guarantee you more than $500 from this website alone.

Need some help getting referrals? Here are a few ideas
 that have helped many of our members:

#Forum Signatures - Add a link with a short description of the program to your signature in forums that you actively contribute to. If you are not active at any forums, consider joining some that discuss online money making. CashCrate does not encourage or endorse spamming of any form.

#Blogging - Create a free blog and talk about how to make money online with CashCrate. Share tips with the visitors on how to complete offers and tricks for referring other members, be sure to include your referral link in the blogs that you post. Once you are indexed by search engines, you will begin to get traffic from people who are looking for ways to generate cash online.

#Show Off Checks - When you receive checks, allow them to make you money in more ways than one. Show them to your friends! People who trust in the program and have proof are a lot more likely to complete offers than those who are skeptical of whether or not they will be paid.

#Hand Out Flyers - Handing out flyers is another great way to gain referrals. You can also pin them up on bulletin boards at public places and any other locations where it is legal.

#Business Cards - It doesn't take too long to print up some business cards to carry around with you. You can also complete an offer with us called VistaPrint, for a small shipping fee they will send you cards that you can hand out to any prospective referrals.

You see everybody wants to deal with someone serious.
So is this website. As you scan through their jobs, you will
see some jobs that are willing to pay you $3 or more, i
have seen jobs as high as $16 from just a 4 minutes
this is great international survey paying website. In this
you can join from Indian ip also because it is international
website You can earn 35 point for every mean
75 Indian rupees. After registration open your email and
confirm your registration.

Surveys FAQs !

#What is the process for taking online surveys?
Surveys invitations are sent via email and can be taken at your leisure. All you need is a computer and Internet access. On average, it takes 20 minutes to complete a survey. You will be rewarded for every survey you take.

#What rewards can I earn for taking online surveys?
Each invitation will tell you how many MarketPoints or Sweepstakes entries you will earn for completing the survey, or for participating but not qualifying for it. The amount of the reward will vary depending on two factors:
-The urgency of the online survey -- more urgent surveys will offer higher incentives
The length of the online survey -- the more time required on your part, the larger the reward
How do I get and qualify for more online surveys?
-Completing and keeping your profile surveys up-to-date will qualify you to participate in more market research surveys that are relevant to your lifestyle and interests. You may access these profile surveys by logging into your account. The status of each profile survey is displayed along with the date of the last update.

         Please note that GlobalTestMarket supports a total of 49 countries and the number of online surveys each participant will receive in any given month varies significantly. The number of online surveys you will receive is directly dependant on the demographics our clients have requested.

#Why am I being asked the same questions in surveys I have already answered in my profile surveys?
We do our best to ensure that if you tell us your age, for example, we won't ask you for the same information again. But sometimes it's unavoidable, and we ask for your understanding when this does occur. It can happen, for example, when you participate in a survey along with other respondents whose information is not known. To ensure consistency among responses, market researchers will sometimes ask everyone for basic information on age, gender or location (including you). We know that being asked for duplicate information can be a bit frustrating, and we try to reduce the need for it to the extent possible.

#I have not received survey invites, what do I do?
Our survey invites may not be making it into your Inbox. Your email provider may be flagging our emails as SPAM and moving them to your junk folder. To ensure that you receive all of our survey invitation emails, please add to your list of trusted senders, address book or contact list.
      If your mailbox does not have an address book or contact list, please contact your email provider's tech support and ask how they can make sure email from makes it into your mailbox.

#I have a problem accessing a survey, what do I do?
     If you are having problems accessing a survey, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

Technical: Please ensure the following technical requirements are met:
You are using a recent version of a popular browser, for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera
JavaScript is enabled
Cookies are enabled
Some surveys require the Adobe Flash Player

Survey was temporarily unavailable: 
Please wait a while and return to the link and reattempt to complete the survey.
If none of these reasons helped you, or if the problem persists, please contact us and provide the following information for further assistance:
Email used to establish your GlobalTestMarket account or account number
The survey invitation link or the survey number in question
The survey does not work when I open it using the browser on my mobile phone?
Our surveys are designed for best use on a computer. For the best experience, please use a web browser on a computer to complete GlobalTestMarket surveys.

#Why am I often screened out of surveys?
Market researchers are often looking for the opinions of a very specific group of people - for example, users of a particular brand of soap. If you don't meet the qualifications for a survey you might be "screened out" or get a message that says you're "not qualified" to complete the survey. Don't take it personally! Screen-outs are a normal part of the market research process. The more we get to know you, the better we'll be able to send you surveys that you DO qualify for. And we'll still reward you even if you "screen out."

*TOP Rewards and Redemptions

#What are MarketPoints?
MarketPoints are the primary incentive for GlobalTestMarket members. MarketPoints are awarded upon the completion of a survey and can be redeemed for rewards.

#Do MarketPoints expire?
MarketPoints expire three years from the date of award and, if sooner, upon twelve (12) months of no account activity.

#How many MarketPoints are awarded per survey?
The amount of MarketPoints awarded per survey depends on the following factors:
The urgency of the online survey -- more urgent surveys will offer higher incentives
The length of the online survey -- the more time required on your part, the larger the reward
What is the minimum amount required to redeem my MarketPoints?
The minimum number of MarketPoints needed to redeem is 1,000.

#How do I redeem my MarketPoints?
Log in to your account
Click on 'Rewards'
Click on 'Redeem'
I didn't receive my check
        Checks are expected to arrive 4 to 6 weeks after the date redemption was requested if you reside in the United States. If you reside outside of the United States, the expected arrival of payment is 6 to 8 weeks after redemption is requested. 
          If you didn't receive your payment within the timeframe, please contact us and provide the following information for further assistance:
Redemption date and MarketPoints amount
Email address used to establish your GlobalTestMarket account or your account number
Confirm your mailing address in the format it should be displayed on the envelope:
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code

-I can't cash my check
If you are unable to cash your check, please contact us and explain the reasons why you were unable to cash your incentive check. If your name or the address was misspelled on the check, please include your correct name and/or address.

#Can I get payment in a way other than checks?
Presently, GlobalTestMarket only awards checks for completing surveys. Checks are sent out once MarketPoints have been redeemed, and are in your local currency when possible.

#Why didn't I get rewarded for a survey?
Shortly after completing the survey your account is credited with the reward stated in the survey invitation. If you were not awarded the right amount of MarketPoints or Sweepstakes entries for completing a survey, please contact us and provide the survey invitation link or the survey number in question.

#How do I refer a friend? Is there any reward for referring people to GlobalTestMarket?
To refer your family and friends, please complete this form. For every friend you invite who joins GlobalTestMarket and completes an online survey, you'll earn 20 MarketPoints.

*TOP Privacy Policy

#Is GlobalTestMarket SPAM compliant?
Yes, you will not receive spam as a result of joining the GlobalTestMarket community. We will not share your e-mail address with any other company or try to sell you anything. GlobalTestMarket adheres to strict SPAM regulations. We are required to disable any email address linked to a SPAM complaint in our database. If you no longer wish to receive email from us, please unsubscribe to cancel your account.

#Is my information safe with GlobalTestMarket?
Yes, GlobalTestMarket is strongly committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of its members. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

#What does GlobalTestMarket do with data collected from surveys?
We calculate aggregate results by combining your responses with those provided by other members who have also completed the online survey. The data is stored in a database that can be analyzed by our clients in a way that always conceals your individual identity. Your personal data will never be revealed, sold or traded without your permission. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

#I think I might be the victim of a scam using the GlobalTestMarket name. What should I do?
Please alert your local authorities to the issue. We are aware of some scams/fraudulent activity using the GlobalTestMarket name. If you are not sure if the communication you have received is legitimate, please contact us.

#I was contacted for a Mystery Shopping job, is it legitimate?
If you have received an offer in the mail, by email, phone, or seen an advertisement online offering you work as a "customer services evaluator," "mystery shopper," "survey agent" or "customer service rep" for Global Market Insite, Global Market Insight, or Global Test Market, please be advised that this is a scam.
             We urge anyone who receives these offers not to cash or deposit any checks, not to send any money to Western Union or Money Gram or engage in any other financial transactions, and to refrain from disclosing personal or bank account information.

                    If you have been the victim of this scam, we suggest that you contact your local and/or federal law enforcement authorities for advice on how to proceed to recover any stolen funds, secure your bank accounts and to protect your personal information and privacy. (Visit for a list of state Attorneys General)

#Why am I receiving sweepstakes entries instead of MarketPoints?
GlobalTestMarket panelists accrue rewards for every survey they participate in. Although MarketPoints are the primary incentive offered to our panelists as a reward, you can also receive sweepstakes entries to daily and quarterly cash prizes. Our clients encourage an assortment of incentives in order to ensure the highest level of engagement. Plus it gives some of our panelists the opportunity to be a lucky winner of significant cash prizes! 
See some of our recent sweepstakes winners.

#What is a Sweepstakes entry worth?
Upon your successful completion of the survey, you automatically receive three (3) Sweepstakes entries.For participating in a survey that you are not eligible for, you will receive one (1) Sweepstakes entry.With each Sweepstakes entry received, you will be entered into both the Daily and Quarterly prize drawings. Our daily winners receive a cash prize of $300 and our quarterly winners receive cash prizes worth a total value of $20,000.

#How will I know if I'm a Sweepstakes winner?
You will be notified via email by the administrator of our current Sweepstakes, Don Jagoda Associates, Inc.

#Am I eligible to receive Sweepstake entries?
At this time Sweepstakes are only offered in some countries as certain countries prohibit Sweepstakes or enforce strict regulations.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

*TOP GlobalTestMarket Terminology

#Not eligible / Screen out
Market researchers are often looking for the opinions of a very specific group of people - for example, users of a particular brand of soap. If you don't meet the qualifications for a survey you might be "screened out" or get a message that says you're "not qualified" to complete the survey. Don't take it personally! Screen-outs are a normal part of the market research process. The more we get to know you, the better we'll be able to send you surveys that you DO qualify for. And we'll still reward you even if you "screen out."

#Survey closed / quota reached
Sometimes surveys require only a limited number of responses per category, for instance, from a region or age group. Once these quotas have been filled, the survey must be closed.

#Survey temporarily unavailable
If you receive this message, please wait a while before returning to the link and reattempt to complete the survey.

#Profile Surveys
These surveys help us learn more about your background, habits, and hobbies. This confidential information enables us to send you more surveys. So the more of them you take, the better! Plus, you get rewarded just for telling us about yourself. Pretty cool, huh? You can find your Profile Surveys on your Surveys page on the GlobalTestMarket website.

MarketPoints are rewards you will receive for most surveys when you qualify and complete them. Accumulate enough of these points and you can redeem them for rewards!

The process is simple! You are automatically entered into our daily and quarterly drawings upon completing or screening from surveys that indicate Sweepstake rewards. Our daily drawing is worth $300 U.S. and our quarterly drawing is worth $20,000 U.S. Once you are selected a lucky winner, you will be notified via email from our partner, Don Jagoda Associates Inc. (DJA). If you confirm your information with DJA before the deadline noted in the email you will receive your winning check in approximately 6-10 weeks.

Redeeming MarketPoints is your request to convert MarketPoints for rewards.

Great survey Website…. For every survey you complete
you get $4-$6 It is the star of the paid surveys industry.
They cater to anyone in any country. Your opinions are
worth cash at Awsurvey.They reward you for taking the
time to complete their research surveys.
If you can send just 35 people to join this website by
filling in their details which is free, you will make $42.

Great survey website…. You will earn $15,10 for evey
survey youcomplete and $2 for every survey your referral
person complete…

is another great online survey site you should
join. It involves no work. All you have to do is to make
sure you change IP which I have explained earlier and
open an account with them, this way you are guaranteed
of getting jobs daily from them.

        This website that i have been showing you are simple  but if you play your cards well you will make good money from them.

             By opening several accounts in a survey website using different emails, you are guaranteed of getting several
jobs a week. If one account will bring $70 a month for you through the several online jobs you have gotten throughout the month it means that having 
5 different accounts will bring more money to you. You can use the same
address to open several accounts with just one site.
However, the above method will make you more money
but I sincerely do not encourage it. Once they find out,
they will block you out. More so, there are several sites to
work with and the truth is that you can never finish the
jobs you will be given. Therefore, instead of opening
several accounts with just one survey site, I strongly
recommend that you open accounts with 4-6 high paying
sites, fill your surveys, refer people thru your referral link
and collect your check at the end of the month.

*Globaltestmarket. This is a great website. They act as
agentsto online survey companies. If you have been visiting all
the websites I have revealed so far and even the ones i
will still reveal to you, you will notice that all of them are
online survey website agents. That means their own job is
to get you online survey companies that needs your
service. Some of the companies that will send you online
survey job will pay you as high as $50 per survey no

This is a great website you can start with. Fortunately,
they accept INDIANS. That means even though you will
change your I.P address, you can use your home address
and the check will be sent down to you right here in
INDIA and if you have a Dorm account which you can
open with $100 at Guarantee Trust Bank you will be able
to cash your money after 21 days! But if you don't have
that much time to wait, then use the graph card method I
explained earlier on, that is, you get to pay $5 to get a
virtual address and once your check gets to them, your
graph card account will be funded immediately and in less
than 3 days you will be able to receive your money either
through western union or Bank without paying any extra
cash except for the 5% that graph card will remove from
your money.

Another great website, i mean a REALLY great website
and method that I will reveal here is

* this well: Even if you decided not to work
or register in any survey website, except this one, if you do it well
you can make $500 to $1,000 in 60-90 days from now
without investing more than 4 hours a week.

Here is what you should do,

[ 1] Go to and register, you either
change your I.P address or you register by using

[ 2]In your registration, you can use a INDIAN address, so
as i said in the above page you either use graph card
address or your home address. The choice is yours!

[ 3]After your registration you can start browsing from the
normal INDIAN I.P address, just ensure that you register
using a foreign I.P address.

[ 4]This is an important part, you will be asked to pay
about $3 to complete your registration. My friend this is
very vital and you should consider doing it. Your
registration of $3 is not to withdraw your money but just
to prove to them that you are really serious. o get a graph
card VISA CARD you only need to fund your graph card
account with $10. $5 for your virtual address and $3 for
registration in To fund your graph card
account you need to reach graphcard on the number i
gave above. Your graph card account will be funded the
same day and once it is funded you will be able to
generate a visa card instantly. That means you can start now 
and the same day get your visa card and start getting jobs

                         Once you have finished your registration.
Go to bed!Because jobs will be sent to you almost daily and
they are always highly priced, i am talking of jobs from $20 to $50
that means four to five jobs a month is all you need to make your 
$250.So my friend are you ready to make $250 in 30 days, 
then is a great online survey
agent that can make that happen for you!

* is a website that you might be
familiar with. They pay you $5 instant for joining. The
unfortunate thing about them is that they don't pay too
much, they pay about 5 cent to 50 cent per surveys.
However, the recent i love to work with them is because,
they send lot of surveys a day. this online survey websites
makes a lot of money so don't get surprised if they say
they will pay you instantly because once they see that you
are a registered user the companies that needs you to
take their surveys will pay them for it.

Before I proceed, I want to introduce you to an online
guru that will give you a lifetime access to online survey.
We call it the MASSIVE STRATEGY. It is about getting
100's of survey website and then registering with as many
as you can.
       Once you get this very short but comprehensive report,
then you don’t need to pay a dime again for any report on
Online Survey. You will become an Information Seller
yourself. In the report, you will see LOTS I mean
hundreds of survey websites that you can register with,
pay to read emails, pay to watch videos, pay to take
surveys, pay to shop and many others. Once you get the
report, you can pick like 70-90 of the survey website and
one by one register with all of them. You can use one
email for all the registration.
            The good news is that you will get a list of survey
websites that accepts INDIANS. In this report you will see
how you can easily get at least five people to register thru
your referral link on a daily basis using the blogger
approach plus how to get a debit/credit card right here in

         In this method i am going to tell you about pay per
lead programs. they are a little different from the normal
survey. For example i told you earlier about
 and how they will pay you $10 for everyone that signs up in
 their website through you. One great pay per lead program 
is * a site that will pay you $0.10 for every 
one you refer to them as long as you have completed one survey
offer yourself. Which means if i play the blogger approach i will be able
to make a good amount of cash monthly just by sending
people to the website.

Another great pay per lead program is
* I love this site so much. Each
time you send someone to them that downloads their free
software through your referral link they pay you $0.40
instantly. All the visitor needs is just to download the
software which is free and you will be paid $0.40 for it.
Can you beat that?

Now my list of tested and trusted
survey websites:


For More Informations Contact Us :

Ms Rini Saha MBA [ HR ]
Manager HR
HR Dept.
AeroSoft Corp.

email at :

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