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Please Note before you start.

Please Note before you start.

[1] Use only Google Chrome 
Chrome Browser 

Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with 
sophisticated technology.

[2] Download GTalk 
Google Talk

Google Talk software. Chat from your desktop; Send and 
receive files.

[3] Add Following Ids on GTalk for Assistance

[4] Please use same Profile Picture for all Ids. 

Creation of 8 Official Email ids + Social Media Ids 
On Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace
ids creation On +

[5] Use Only Notepad [.txt files ] for synopsis

[6] Download Picasa for Windows 

Create Email Ids in the following :

Please make following Official Ids
[ Only Copy and Paste No Typing again ] 

Gmail Ids : [ Pri] [Sec ]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
-------------------------------------- [ Pri]
Comman Password for all Ids 
[ Should be comb of Alpha Numeric]
[ Only Copy and Paste No Typing again ] 


Auto Reply & Signature 
[ Plz activate in all Ids ] 


Your Name Your Surname [ Your Highest Qualification] 
(Designation/Management Trainee / Software Engineer / Webmaster)

On Line Assistence :

Gtalk :

Y! Messenger :

Rediff Bol :

Make Your Bio
See Example :


How to make money from completing Surveys.

Please read on Google

#What is Blogspot and its importance ?
#What is Link Building ?

Create id on  [ Its Different ]

Keep Same User Id and Password

Useful Sites :
DAY1: Creating your Gmail account and Online Money Accounts.



EMAIL ID:Creating an Email Id is mainly for communication purpose. So create
an Email Id From Google or although you have an Email Id, you
should create a new email address which is different from the one that you regularly
use. This way your personal and professional emails will never mix up. We suggest
you that.Create a new email id on Yahoo.Gmail and sign up to these websites using that

Do not use any of these email services to join the programs:,,,,, etc.



After creating an Email Id from Google this is the time to create an online
account for money transactions. Creating of this account is free of cost.
these are very famous companies on internet for this purpose so you can create
your online bank account there.

Main purpose of this account is ,suppose if you earn 100$ online in a month, this
amount will be sent to you by Paypal or Alertpay .First the company sends the
amount to Alertpay then Alertpay will send this money to you via your Bank
account or you can receive it by cheque.

Some companies don’t require this types of account, they directly send their
cheque to your home but most of the companies need either Paypal or Alertpay
account so register……

To create PAYPAL account PANCARD is must . So we will discuss about
Alertpay because it is very easy to signup on it and it does not need PANCARD.
When you are giving your name in Alertpay account it must be exactly
matches with your bank account name.If you not have any bank account
simply create Alertpay account on the name of who have bank account.
Eg: I have a bank account in SBI and my name on the account is RAHUL
KUMAR So, i am giving the name on Alertpay First name as RAHUL and
last name as KUMAR. (If you don't have bank account create the Alerpay
account with your original name)


Steps to be followed:

1.Click on this link.

2. Click on the SIGNUP NOW button.

3. Choose your country or region.
eg: If you are from U.S. Select country as U.S.

4. Choose PERSONAL PRO and click NEXT STEP.(Choosing personal pro will
help you to withdraw your money in short time)

5.FILL UP your contact information. Give your HOME phone number it may be
mobile number or land line number.

6. For Email address give the newly created your GMAIL ID.(Please when you
are filling address don't use special characters like simply give
street address)

7. Choose a different password that it is better not to match with your GMAIL
account and PAYPAL account.

8. Choose unique TRANSACTION PIN LIKE Eg: 64563 (It is not your ATM card
Pin it may be used for your security purpose.After giving the PIN note that PIN in
a dairy)

9. Choose security questions and answer them for password recovery. Under
third party info tick NO.

10. Enter the word given for verification and tick the checkbox.

11. TICK I AGREE AND register.

12. This is the time to LOGIN to your GMAIL account and confirm the
ALERTPAY account.

13.Login to your Alerpay account then click on the “check your verification status”
link under the “Message center” menu (left side of the page)

14 complete your verification by phone validation (option c)
Now you have done just enter your Bank account information under the Add a
bank account menu (top,right of the page)


If you have any doubts you can contact Alertpay company directly.or read the FAQ page

You can contact Alertpay team by clicking this

Google search engine is the best option to clear your Doubts.Here you can search for

1.How can we verify Alertpay/Paypal Account.

2.How can we withdraw money from Alertpay/Paypal Account etc.,
Why we suggested Google search Engine because every day opportunities and techniques
will be changed to make money online. So Google is the one which gives latest updates.

DAY 2: How to make money from completing Surveys.

In today's session we are going to share one of the best money
making opportunities by which you can make money through surveys.


1 click on the link above .
2 create your free account
3 login and start completing surveys
4 refer your friends and also earn $1.25 for each


1 click on this link
2 just fill the registration form
3 this website will start sending surveys to your email after 2/3 days..
4 Start earnig money with completing survey


1 click on this link
2 CLICK ON “signup today” button
3 Register then click on confirmation link which will be sent to your Gmail account
4 Start earnig money with different ways


1 click on this link
2 CLICK ON “join us” button (left of the page)
3 Register then click on confirmation link which will be sent to your Gmail account
4 Start earnig money with completing survey


1. You will be first asked to accept their terms and conditions.
2. Once you do that the site will take you through the registration process.
3. After registration, they will send a conformation link to your email
4. Open you email and click on the confirmation link.
5. Log into your account at Survey Savvy again and complete your profile.
This will involve questions about your family, daily habits and the kind of
products you own etc.
6. Based on these, you will then start receiving invitations for surveys
you can complete and earn money.

There are lots of other surveys websites by which you can earn good money ….just click
on this link and join 5/7 INTERNATIONAL surveys companies now
Good luck........................

DAY 3 : Sharing of Best paid to click advertisements(PTC)
 sites out of millions of scam sites.

HI MEMBER, In Today’s session we want to share best income opportunity 
online. Yourjob is so simple. You earn money for clicking advertisements and viewing
that advertisement up to 30 sec.There are 10,0000 websites available for these types of jobs. Out of these99% sites are scam sites. These websites don't pay the money for all the
members. So we filter all these websites by our scam recognition tools and
at last we picked up the best sites in the PTC [paid to click section].These
websites pay the real money to the members. The eligibility to join in all
these best trusted websites is either PAYPAL OR ALERTPAY email
address. You can also earn from your referrals, Paid to SIGNUP, Paid to
read emails and Paid to browse offers and many more.

We already got cheques from all these companies. Because of this they
have so much trust and strong beliefness on us and if u joined in these
companies through us they feel you are a real member unlike others and
they give respect to your membership compared to others interms of
suspend your account or deactivation like this....Simply you have so
many benifits compared to others

Join in 5-6 Best sites and get referrals or rent referrals / upgrade membership.
By doing so you can earn more money from a single PTC site


1.Join in all companies.Click all the advertisements that are available.Don't
worry if any company not accepting you.Most of the times use same username
and password.If you want more security keep the username same for all
companies and choose different passwords.Any way write all user names and
passwords in a dairy.

2.After joining open five companies at a time in different tabs and click the
available advertisements.

3.Here we are listed nearly 10 companies(All these are trusted companies) and
in addition we are checking some companies.
In this journey we want to give First PTC site:
First you join This best PTC website
Description of this company:
Total No. of Ads per day : 5-6
Ad Value : 0.008$
Minimum Payout : 2$
Payment Processor : Paypal / Alertpay

#1st PTC COMPANY (Good company)

Steps to join in this website: on above link and it opens in a new window there you will see welcome to
neobux. Click REGISTER NOW.
2. Fillup the required information and give your email which is used for Logging
into PAYPAL.(whatever the mail it asked)
3. Fillup birth year and Image verification. And click CONTINUE
4.check your email a verification code is sent to you. Copy that code and paste it
in required field.
5. Click LOGIN after verification.
6. Give your username and password. If you do not have secondary password,
Leave the secondary password .And then enter verification code.
7. Here click the VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS and some links are available to click.
Here you click on red spot and that website loads in a new window. Wait for until
8.By clicking your username twice your account summary will be displayed.After
reaching minimum amount 2$ you can able to transfer this money to PAYPAL by
clicking the PAYMENT.

#2nd PTC COMPANY (Good company)
Steps to join in this website: on above link and click signup now.
2.Fill the required information.
3.Login with your username(Not with email id) and password and below you will
find advertisements to click.
4.Here you have to wait for 30 sec and you have to click here for credit.(Which is
available on top of the website)
5.After reaching minimum amount you can request a payment from them to your

#3rd PTC COMPANY (Good company)
Steps to join in this website:
Follow the same steps that are given in 2 website or the above websites. But
here minimum payout is 1$ When you reach this amount there is option
REQUEST CASHOUT click this, then automatically money transfers to your

#4th PTC COMPANY (Good company)
Steps to join in this website:
Click on above link and then give your contact info and browse advertisements.
After reaching your minimum payout balance then automatically money will be
added to your ALERTPAY account.In buxp after login you will find
advertisements left side of the website on name BROWSE ADVERTISEMENTS.

#5th PTC COMPANY (Good company)
Steps to join in this website: on above link and click on ssl secure registration.
2.Fill the required information.Give your alertpay email account for money
3.Log in to your account with username and password one window opens below
you will find No thanks click on that you can go to your account.
4.Here click on browse advertisements and wait for some time and after
reaching minimum amount you can request a payment to your alertpay

#6th PTC COMPANY (Good company)
The difference between this company and other companies is this company
directly send cheques to your address.

#7th PTC COMPANY (Good company)
#8th PTC COMPANY (Good company)
#9th PTC WESITE (Good company)
#10th PTC COMPANY (Good company)

Simple way to get more referrals:

1.You already joined in some ptc sites like neobux
In neobux you will get yourreferrals
only after 30 days and you must made atleast
100clicks),earneasycash,matrixmails, these sites they give
one referral link.
If you want referrals promote your referral link in orkut,facebook,hi5....
These are the best websites out of millions of scam sites. This is
one type of income opportunity waits for next tutorial. In that we are going
to give you the information about how to make big income online.
GOOD LUCK.............

DAY 4: How can we make money by doing Data Entry.

Hi Member,
Please read two to three times if you are really want to make money online.
Free Lance sites are best way to make money online.For Doubts
clarifications in Free Lance sites Click here

What are Data Entry Jobs?
Data entry category includes simple jobs like: typing, online form filling, data
collecting, image editing, document formatting etc. Any person who can operate
a PC can do this work. All that you need is a computer and an internet
connection.If yes, then please carry on and read this article; you will learn how and where
you can get, 100% legitimate data entry jobs.

Making decent living at home: Wow, this is so awesome.
When we talk about online jobs, then freelancing sites are the best place where
we can get these jobs. In case you don’t know about freelancing business, then I
will quickly explain what freelancing sites are.
Companies all around the world need employees who can do their work, so they
hire people and they pay them for the work they do. But there are many problems
that company owners face.
Like after gaining a little experience, people start to demand more pay. Or, they
just go to some other company that offers them high salary.
Nowadays many company owners are using online freelance websites to hire
people online. That’s right; they are hiring people on the internet.

~What is a Free Lance site?
Free Lance site is a place where all data entry opportunities are placed here.
Here is a list of top freelance sites.

Note: I suggest you open these freelance sites in new windows and you keep
reading this article. This article will help you understand many things about these
freelance sites. Without having the required knowledge about freelance sites,
one cannot easily get data entry or other jobs at these sites. 
is a best FREE LANCE site besides this we are includingsome other FREE LANCE sites.
At the end of this we are given how to join in RENTACODER website and how to get DATA ENTRY projects from this website.So you can follow same process for all other FREE LANCE sites also.
(GAF) [100% Free To Join]

2. [Free Membership Available]

3. (SL) [For The Option "Account Type"; Choose "Programmer"
NOT "Buyer"] [100% Free To Join]



If you want to know about registration process, how to apply for jobs, how to
communicate with buyers etc, then you can read this complete information.
It’s not that easy to get work at the above mentioned websites. You need some
guidance first, you need to know the basics; you need to know many things about
these sites.
           If you apply for one project, then there are many other people (may be 2 other
people, maybe 22) who will apply for the same project. So you need to learn,
how you will get a project even with other people fighting to get the same project.

~Few Definitions:

*Buyers: Are people who outsource jobs at freelance sites. They are the people
who give jobs to freelancers.

*Service providers: These are the people who seek jobs at freelance sites. Like
you and me. Service providers or SPs, do work for buyers and buyers pay them
after the work is completed.

*Projects: At freelance sites, projects and jobs means the same. If I say “bid on a
project”, then it will mean something like “apply for a job”.After buyer post projects,
 job seekers like me and you, place bids on these projects. One person may offer to do the project for $100, where other may say $95. May be some other SP will offer to do the work for $90. Now it’s up to the creator of the project to choose a winner among all job
seekers. Let’s assume that you managed to win a project worth $50. The work is simple
data entry job where you have to type content from scanned pages to word
documents.You completed this work in 3 hours and then you delivered the completed work
to the buyer. After delivering the work, you waited for the buyer to verify the

After the verification, the buyer will pay you $50. Sometimes, buyers also pay
bonuses [if they are pleased with your work].You will get this money [$50], in your
freelance account. There are few payment options available at freelance sites 
via which you can transfer this money from freelance account to your bank account.
Details about these options are explained later in this article.

I have mentioned that working at freelance site is free and that you will never
spend any money from your pocket to get online jobs. But when you get money, 
from buyers, in your freelance account, then there will be a small fee deducted 
from that money [the money you just earned].

All freelance sites charges a small fee on the money you make. You do not pay
this fee from your pocket. This fee will be deducted only when you will complete
a job for a buyer and that the buyer pays you the money for the completed work.
The fee which freelance sites charges varies from site to site. This fee can be
5%, 10% etc: it depends on the freelance site where you are working.

The reason for telling you the whole story is to prove that this system is %100
SCAM free. You will never have to pay anything to anyone ever, from your own
pocket.The most amazing thing about freelance sites is that, it’s totally free to join them.
You will never be asked to pay any money from your pocket at any point of your
freelance career.And there are no scam involved.

Freelancing sites offer 100% legitimate data entry jobs. There is no need to worry
if your English writing skills are weak as you can still make money online at
freelance sites via doing legitimate data entry jobs. You can find hundreds of
these jobs at freelance sites every day.No experience of any kind is required. 
Everybody can do data entry work. If you know, how to use a PC, then you are
eligible to do this work.

There is no need to think about any SCAM here, what I am telling you is %100
scam free. You only need to worry about scams when you are paying money
from your pocket. But in this case, you are paying nothing.If you still worry about
scams, then after you earn $30 at a freelance site, you may stop doing more work. 
First request a withdrawal.This means that you will request the freelance site to
 send you your money.

Once you receive the money [$30] from freelance site, I guess then you will not
worry about SCAM anymore.I said to first make $30. This is because the minimum 
amount that you can withdraw at most freelance sites is $30. 
You cannot withdraw $20 or $22 or any amount of money which is less than $30.

#How will you receive your money?
There are many payment options available at freelance sites. Payment options
include Paypal, MoneyBookers , Egold etc.I suggest you to use Alertpay or Moneybookers, 
as these two payment options are the cheapest and safest of all.

To find more information about payment options, please read the free online jobs
guide which I have mentioned above.
Just give it a try; you will not be disappointed

Professional way to make moneyonline- Excellent way to make money online
Rentacoder is a site through which we can do the projects and earn money.
It acts as a mediator between buyers and coders.
Buyers are the persons who request the coders for doing the task.

Coders are the persons who completes the task.
1)How to create an account?
a) Click login
b) Click on "create you free account".
c) Enter your email id and verification code.
d) You will receive an email with the temporary password. Copy and paste
your temporary password.
e) You will redirect to "Permanent Password Setup" Choose your
f) And select ok
g) Click "continue on"
h) Select "My Bids".
i) In the left panel, you will find "Create a coder account", click on it.

j) Fill the form
#Screen Name: It is username in this site
#Time zone: select (UTC/GMT 05:30)Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Newdelhi

I affirm on penalty of perjury that I am: Select "Not subject to United
States taxes" in
Tax Information:Click on next button.

You will identify a pdf form (DON’T COPY THE PDF IT IS RESTRICTED)
In 9th column "select option (a)"
Sign here :with your username

k) Click next
l) Select the box "and click next".
m) My Payment Options Select Paypal and click next.
n) My Payment Options: PayPal Info
Type the Paypal account.
Select "My credit cutoff date"

Payout Minimum:0%msg%nbsp; "It means if you receive 0.5$ then they will
send it to your paypal account";

Payout Holdback/Carryover: "If you wish to keep a certain amount in your
account from being paid out to you”

o) Alerts
Click "next".
Select 1,2,3 checkboxes in Alerts and click "Next"
We have to bid the project based on the competitors

p) My bid request filter
Click next.

q) Resume:
Resume/Bio: Paste you biodata. "In your biodata, you should not mention
your mobile number or email id".
Areas of Expertise: In which language you are expert such as c, cpp, java,
php, etc...
Your photo/logo: Place you photo "Which gives you more chances for

Custom Bid Signature : It’s an optional.

2)How can we get the projects?
We can get the projects through bidding.

3)Which type of projects can we get?
Every person can do the projects irrespective of technical and
nontechnical background.

i)The projects for the technical persons who had knowledge in the
following fields

ii)The following are some of the projects for non-technical background
a)Content Writing..

4)Where can you find your earnings?
In the left panel you can find "My Coder Account".
Click on it.
You can find "Account Management"
In it, you can find "My coder financials".
There you can find your earnings.

5) Where you can find the work?
In the left panel you can find "Newest open work".
You can get the work by bidding.

6) How can we get the project?
By doing bidding we can get the project.
Bid means "how much amount you are charging for doing the work".
 i)Click on your selected project.
 ii)There you can find the deadline of the project, bidding closing date and
maximum amount to be bid for the project.
 iii)In the same way, you can get the buyer ratings(Before doing the project
verify his ratings based on it start work)
 iv)Filling the form

We have to fill the form by placing the bid.
The form contains 4 fields. They are
a) Bid amount:It means you are charging for doing the work
b) Expert guarantee:Expert guarantee is an optional. For bulk projects it is essential.
c) Comment:Comments relating to the project.
    i)How much time it takes to complete the project?
   ii)How much you are skilled in the project?
  iii)If possible you can send the sample work relating to the project.
d) zip attachment:It is also optional.
It is used to send your completed work,

v)Click "MAKE BID/COMMENT" button.

vi)After this you have to accept the terms and conditions, and click confirm

vii)Rent a coder charges 15% on the total bid or minimum 3$.
For example: If you bid the project for 30$, then rentacoder charges 15%
on the 30$ it means 4.50$, and you will get the money only 25.5$
Bid amount 30$
Rent a coder charges (15%) -4.5$
Net amount 25.5

viii)Click on the confirm bid.

7)How many phases are there in Rentacoder to get the amount?
 a)In first phase, the buyer places the project.
 b)In the second phase, the buyer selects the coder.
 c)In the third phase, the buyer has to make escrow payments, until then
coder should not start the work.
 d)In the fourth phase, the coder completes the project.
 e)In the fifth phase, the buyer has to accept it.
f)In the sixth phase, the coder gets his money.

8)How the buyer selects the coder?
The buyer selects the coder, based on the deadline, efficiency provided by
the coder.

9) Where you can find the messages from the buyer?
In the left panel. You can find the "Account Management".
There you can find "My bids".
Click on it, you can find the details of your bids.

10)How do you get the payments?
You can get your payments through paypal.
a) At the time of bidding, verify the buyer ratings.
b) Buyer selects the coder, based on the deadline, efficiency, sample work,
who bids the project with less amount.
Hi today we covered how to get and do DATA ENTRY works online and wait for
next tutorial.In next tutorial we are introducing another opportunity to make
money online.

DAY 5: Earning money through sharing of your knowledge.

Hi Member,steps to be followed: on this link SIGNUP TODAY

3.Fill up the necessary information and click SIGNME UP

4.After that choose your interests and skip the unnecessary offers.

5.After login to your account click preferences here click payment information and give your
paypal Email.

6.Follow the below tips to make more money using my lot.Yes you make money by
answering the questions,creating the questions and many more.As many probably
 know by now, provides a great way to earn money
online. It's also a fun place to be a member if you like to have discussions about
interesting topics with people all around the world. It is essentially a large forum
where you can post discussion questions and leave comments.
              MyLot pays its members to participate in this forum because they are building up
the site's content and helping it grow into a large site that they hope will become
more popular and easy to find on search engines. It is a win/win situation
because the site is a fun diversion and you start earning money the second you
start posting discussions or comments.

MyLot is a good place to visit a few times a day either when you are bored, on a
break from work, or just feel like chatting with someone somewhere. Here are a
few tips to help you write better posts, which will in turn earn you more money.

1) A lot of the discussions on MyLot are only one or two sentences and, frankly,
are a waste of time. These weak discussions earn less money through Mylot's
algorithms than a well thought out, interesting discussion. If you write a good
discussion question about something interesting, people will have more to say
about it and you will get more comments. The length of a good discussion
question should be about three to six sentences long. The longer and higher
quality your discussion is, the more money you will earn from Mylot. Of course,
quality posts also make the site more worthwhile to surf over to and spend some
time at.

2) Post a picture with each discussion question and comment that you post. This
will add a few cents to your earnings and will increase the amount of responses
you receive to your discussions. People are more likely to participate in a
discussion that has a picture posted with it.

3) Respond to all of the comments that are made on your discussions. The more
comments you respond to, the more you will earn at MyLot. The more that other
people participate in your discussion, the more you earn for it.

4) Submit several "tags" or keywords for your discussions and comments. This
makes it easier for people to find your discussion and participate. Next to each
discussion and comment there is a little plus sign and minus sign.rate all of the
comments that you receive.No one knows exactly how the payment algorithms
work at mylot but rating your comments is likely to raise your discussion's status
or importance.

5)Under your profile at MyLot, there is a section called "My Interests." Fill out the
subheadings in this section very thoroughly. When you start a discussion, start it
under one of these interests if any apply


For any further query feel free to contact us.

Ms Rini Saha MBA [ HR ]
Manager HR
HR Dept.
AeroSoft Corp.

email at :


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