Saturday, 14 July 2012

All search engines do no prefer to work with less traffic generated website and blogs

All search engines do no prefer to work with less traffic generated website and blogs because if product having highly competition then the meaning is it has higher demand. At the same, it has higher supply too. 

but if the product is having less demand meaning less suppy of the product.Internet is for information seekers. And when there is more supply for an information then there comes competition. It requires more hard work and being unique to face huge competition. When you are an individual trying to attack a high competition, for sure you have to do something unique way.

seo friendly website 

These people fail to understand the direct connection SEO has with the search engine rankings. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in simplest of words, is a web marketing strategy that allows a website to be easily visible to search engines as a separate domain and for specific set of keywords. A SEO friendly website would have a higher position in the search result than a website that is not SEO friendly, irrespective of how good the content is in the latter one. 
1) Identify a good domain name - Choosing a good domain name for a website is the first and foremost task towards owning a site. Generally, since good domain names are hard to find, most people create first mistake by over-stuffing keywords in the domain name or use hyphens within them. Domain names like – www(dot)iammanchesterunitedfan(dot)com or www(dot)i-am-manchester-united-fan(dot)com are not SEO friendly. Keeping your domain names short and without any hyphens would be the first step to have a SEO friendly website. 

2) Include a Sitemap  :

Sitemaps are the xml files, which lists all the URLs for a site. Having them, as a part of website, is an important SEO technique. The webmaster or the admin of the website needs to submit this sitemap to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This would let the search engine to locate the website in a much better way.
3) Limit the use of flash and image content
The search engines basically use a program called spider that crawls over the web and looks for text content so anything that isn’t text would be ultimately ignored by the search engines. So using flash based content and images should be limited. People who use more images should use HTML tags appropriately and include the keywords in them so that the images are located, by the search engines, through their text tags. This way the site would remain SEO friendly despite the presence of images.
SEO, although seems to be simple strategy, is an extremely effective way to increase the traffic to your website. So follow the simple tips listed above and see the results yourself.

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