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What encourages search engines to even include your page,


 Do you know what encourages search engines to even include your page, with appropriate content, in the search results, let alone, rank it higher? This is the presence of link to your page on websites other than your own. The importance of the presence of your URL on other places over internet can never be underestimated. Even a webpage with a great amount of content cannot get its due in the sight of search engines without the technique under consideration. URL submission is not only necessary forsites to come to the knowledge of search engines but this is also important for old on

Blog link submission

Links form a tremendously important part of search engine's ranking (= sorting) algorithm; perhaps the largest part still, no matter what else you may have heard. Many additional filters are in place to try to nip link abuse in the bud, true, but that doesn't change the fact that 50 links can get you what 50 well optimized page <title> tags can't.
That means that while link building is work, often hard work, it brings with it easy wins that on-page optimization and stellar content almost never see.

Link buildingis an important SEO exercise that boosts a website’s search engine ranking in a huge way. Search engines like Google or Yahoo give more preference to websites that have lots of incoming links from various other websites. Apart from the number of links, what also matters is the page rank of the site from where the link is coming.

ad posting means advertising your website, product or service online through placing your your product description etc on advertising sites like classified sites, bookmarking sites etc..

 You can not only post your own ad but view other postings as well. From profit to nonprofit, real estate to marketing and Government to management all kinds of categories are there.
 Unlike the periodical ads, the classified ads are not charged per line or letter and size. In fact, the website business owner can use any size or any number of words to create an impressive add posting
Jobless people can make much use of this free utility of free
classified ads posting. They can post ads for the avid employers to contact them and millions of people are using classifieds to find lucrative jobs and other opportunities.
You can post an ad to sell your antique furniture items or place an ad for selling homemade crafts. Many web portals allow the users to post their ads and increase their sales online as well as offline.
Besides the classifieds, you can use popular social networks like the FaceBook and Myspace classifieds for advertising your goods or services

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