Friday, 16 November 2012

Assistant Manager- Recruitment

Major Responsibilities:

1.)Sourcing and attracting the right talent.
2.)Develop more channels of recruitment.
3.)Responsible for ensuring 100 percent offer to join ratio.
4.)Monitor and drive recruitment costs and efficiency.
5.)Managing/tracking all recruitment MIS from initiation of search to formal offer.
6.)Manage participation in job fairs to identify talent and to create brand awareness.
7.)Managing Job portals.
8.)Ensure the creation of healthy employee relations in functions.
9.)Ensure employee development and satisfaction by defining, implementing, developing and maintaining the Internal Job Posting programmes.
10.)Ensure that all aspects of the operations are in accordance with local employment laws and regulations.
11.)Working with the team, develop specific criteria for each search and co-ordinate the total recruiting project ensuring timely action, cost effective strategies and a professional and positive contact for all candidates.
12.)Work with external recruiters, vendors, industry associations, national publications and other sources to develop candidates.
13.)Managing the complete Referral process and related MIS.
14.)Support the HR manager in implementing employee engagement programmes and other activities.

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